Ground Rules

Who decided telly (and I’m using that affectionate and colloquial term quite deliberately) wasn’t ‘worthy’?

Left: Queer as Folk, copyright Red/Channel 4, 2000. Right: Romeo and Juliet text, copyright Penguin Classics, 2005
Left: Queer as Folk, copyright Red/Channel 4, 2000. Right: Romeo and Juliet text, copyright Penguin Classics, 2005

It’s a decreasing trend admittedly, but one that nevertheless exists. People turn their noses up at this ‘low’ art form, but at its best it can trump most if not all novels, plays and poems ever written. Who can honestly say that Queer as Folk is less of a work of literature than Romeo and Juliet? Well a lot of people, but that does not mean they are right.

I’m currently reading English at the University of Exeter with aspirations of writing for television drama myself. But in order to be good, you have to do your research. You have to watch, and watch the good stuff and the bad stuff, and most importantly, you have to review.

So here goes. If you disagree, please comment below, I love it when people disagree. Agreeing is boring, but if you do that’s fine too, say that.

Beware of spoilers. If you haven’t watched the programme I’m reviewing and you think you will in the near future, steer clear of the review. Alternatively, why not read up about a show that you haven’t seen – you may get spoilered, but it may pique your interest. And remember television drama was kind of born by accident. Maybe you – if you aren’t already – could become an avid watcher by accident too.

Now don’t worry. This isn’t another one of THOSE blogs. No, this has a purpose. This is wide-reaching – I watch all sorts. This is updated regularly. This is certainly not about me and what I had for breakfast (fabulous reading though that would make. All right, if you insist: toast.)

But above all, like television drama, it is ‘worthy’.

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  1. Hannah Eveleigh 23/04/2015 — 1:57 PM

    Hi Graham

    This is 8y1 – Miss Eveleigh’s English class.

    The blog is great and we love you 🙂 we like the title bars especially – the layout is easy, fresh and clean. We like the colour theme – it’s very hipster.

    Thanks and good luck x

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