Where Have I Seen That Before? Rose Finds Her Man

In a series of new articles, Graham Eveleigh takes a tongue-in-cheek look at the blatantly obvious cultural and literary heritage of our favourite TV shows… Well, obvious to him.

Ever sat in front of the TV and thought, “hold on, I’ve seen this before??” Naturally, every writer has scenarios, set-ups and character names they return to throughout their career. And for TV writer Russell T Davies, it’s Rose! Both the first episode of Davies’s revised Doctor Who (2005), and his lesser-known but fantastic rom-com Bob & Rose (2001), follow the lead character finding the man they will fall for…

It’s an ordinary day in Rose’s life. And then she meets her man.


There’s a spark between them. And they have a laugh. (Sort of.)


And then he’s gone! He disappears from her life, perhaps never to be seen again.


But Rose has other ideas!

She jumps straight onto an early-noughties computer and she tracks him down!


This search takes her to suburbia, where she learns more about her man. Either from the man himself, or from a different man in his shed!


(By the way, Rose has a funny mum. There’s always a funny mum with Davies.)


It is clear that Rose is dissatisfied with her ordinary life.


… and her lovely but ordinary, slightly below par boyfriend.


So she meets her man again.  And she (metaphorically, or literally) runs off with him into a very new type of adventure…


They have their ups and downs but they stay strong throughout the series. Despite facing some monsters along the way…


And both series star the amazing Penelope Wilton! Fighting for justice, the voice of the people!


But right at the heart of it all: Rose and her man.



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